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Camp Chef

What better way to enjoy wood-fired flavors than with a wood pellet grill? If you enjoy grilling outdoors and are looking for specific wood-fired flavors, then look no further. At Sheridan’s Market, we carry a selection of the perfect grills for you. When you use premium hardwood pellets while grilling, you’ll be getting the most out of your fuel. This means you can expect many fun-filled days outdoors on your patio grilling your favorite foods on one of our Camp Chef pellet grills.

Patio Pellet Grills

One of the best things about pellet grills is that they efficiently use fuel. This means when you swap out your old grill for a Camp Chef, you’ll not only be getting more consistent heat for what you are cooking, but it will actually save you money in the long run. Camp Chef pellet grills help to save money because of their ability to burn 100% pure virgin hardwood pellets at a hotter temperature, which in turn makes them burn cleaner. But that’s not the only benefit of a Camp Chef grill.

Check out all of the great benefits you’ll get when you buy a Camp Chef pellet grill from Sheridan’s Market:

  • PID technology for holding tight temperatures
  • Smoke control between 1 and 10 for custom taste
  • Ash-Cleanout system for easy cleaning
  • 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range
  • Cord and grease management systems
  • Sear box and meat probe included

Choose Your Camp Chef Grill at Sheridan’s Market in Utah

There’s no better overstock patio furniture store in Utah to get a Camp Chef grill from than us at Sheridan’s Market. We are conveniently located in Lindon and Layton, Utah, so you can stop by our stores to find the perfect Camp Chef grill for your patio. Or, shop from our selection of pellet grills online to find the right one for you. Whether you choose to purchase a Camp Chef grill online or in-store at one of our locations, we know that you’ll be happy with your purchase, especially once you taste the wood-fired flavors it can provide. Shop today for your Camp Chef pellet grill!

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